Let Soy Be A Culture.

Soy originated in China and has a history of cultivation for more than 5,000 years. In the food tradition of East Asia, people have developed thousands of different forms of soy products, which are abundant inspirations for the modern vegan culture.

HUADOU appreciates the real taste of soy and insists on the principle that soy is soy, not a substitute for animal protein.

HUADOU insists on making innovative products to enrich the diversity of the modern vegan culture while drawing inspiration from tradition.

HUADOU puts personal health and the balance of nutrition in the first place and rejects the use of genetically modified soybeans.

HUADOU selects soybeans only from organic farms and regards the whole process from cultivation to consumption and recycling of soy as an essential contribution to a harmonious ecosystem.

HUADOU Team 2019