Tofu Workshop

Making tofu at home by yourself is not difficult. It tastes better, is cheaper and contains no chemical additives. Besides, you save packaging and transport routes. Your kitchen at home serves as a workshop. Through your own hands, you move, mix, mingle, you experience how the soybeans turn into a delicious white tofu. The process is like a meditation. Your body and mind can recover.

The Tofu Workshop will be hold at 19 o’clock on every last Friday of each month. It takes about 2.5 hours. In the course, we will produce two types of tofu from German organic soybeans. It will show how one can prepare a dish from each type of tofu.

The Workshop are now available as a gift for your beloved. You can collect the Voucher in our shop in Berlin or we can also send you per Post after buying online.

The Workshop will be instructed by Yaxin Yang. More about her under www.soyasoyang.com

Tofu Box

Material: Bamboo Board
Dimensions: L15.5 x W17.5 x H11 cm

Tofu Box is a set of tools for making tofu, consisting of four nesting components with different function. With no flood on the worktop, the water pressed from tofu is collected in the big container. The small container functions as a handy and flexible weight if water is added. The markings on case indicates the relation between water and tofu, while the water amount inside the tofu affects the texture in mouth. Tofu Box, the entire process of making tofu at home is optimised. In the meantime, more creative uses are always to be unleashed.

Stone Mill

Material: Granite, Oak
Dimensions: L32 x W30.5 x H40.5cm

Thanks to modern manufacturing technologies, the traditional stone mill is redesigned to get a modern look. It’s more compact in size and grinds soybean and other grains more efficiently. The rounded triangular shape of the stone mill gets rid of a protruding outlet and provides a bigger bottom space; The two top surfaces are formed as funnel and slope to prevent blockage caused by soy beans or soy dregs. The grinding surfaces are optimised for a finer soy milk and handier operation. The new soy stone mill preserves the traditional features to the maximum extent, while improving the user experience and maintaining the balance between contemporary design language and symbolism of tradition.

More Information about how to use it:https://vimeo.com/379198953